🔗 Does Your Name Suck? – Eat My Words | Eat My Words

Does Your Name Suck? – Eat My Words | Eat My Words The SMILE & SCRATCH test: SMILE if your name has these 5 winning qualities: Suggestive – evokes a positive brand experience Meaningful – your customers “get it” Imagery – visually evocative to aid in memory Legs – lends itself to a theme for extended mileage Emotional – resonates with your audience SCRATCH it if it has any of these 7 deal breakers:...

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🔗 Steve Jobs: A Few Memories—Stephen Wolfram Blog

Steve Jobs: A Few Memories—Stephen Wolfram Blog About Steve Jobs’ theory on naming stuff: I asked Steve why he thought it was good, and he told me his theory for a name was to start from the generic term for something, then romanticize it . His favorite example at the time was Sony’s Trinitron. Well, it went back and forth for a while. But in the end I agreed that, yes, Mathematica was a good name....

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🔗 inessential: Error Messages

There is, however, old wisdom — perhaps from an earlier version of the Mac HIG — that says how to create error messages: they should be of the form “Can’t x because of y.” They may optionally include additional detail and/or recovery steps. “Can’t x because of y. Something is true. Try a thing.” A similar form is this: “Noun can’t x because y.” (As in “‘Downloaded.app’ can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer....

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🔗 Propaganda and Marketing – Are we still persuading? Copywriting by Copy Hackers

Propaganda and Marketing – Are we still persuading? Copywriting by Copy Hackers Moral of the story: You can create powerful messages using the words your prospects use to complete these phrases: I want ________ I wish someone could ________ If only there was ________ And be careful not to veer into “Don’t you want…?” territory. … because being only plausible and not really truthful means you’re defrauding your audience. [call to

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📺 How to craft your Elevator Pitch

How to craft your Elevator Pitch: So, what do you do? [WOW] What do you mean?!? [HOW] [NOW] , for example… Verbal Ping Pong video (by Brian Walter (Extreme Meetings) ) ( Source: https://www.youtube.com/ )

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🔗 How to Steal Killer Sales Copy Straight from Your Prospects’ Mouths

How to Steal Killer Sales Copy Straight from Your Prospects' Mouths What’s in these 2 warehouses? Pure copywriting gold. … Also known as “customer reviews”. Warehouse #1: Amazon Reviews Most services are tied, in some way, to products. So if you offer a service, read the related product reviews, and steal from there. For example: If you offer a project management service, mine reviews for books about how to manage projects If you offer a directory of professionals – like AnyFu or Sortfolio – pull from reviews of biographies of the legends in those professions If you have a deal-of-the-day site, spend a little time on Amazon reviews for every product you host every day If you’re an unknown fashion designer on Etsy, pull from clothing reviews that highlight the things people want when they don’t care about big brands and labels If you’re a freelance graphic designer, find new ways to express your value by reading the reviews for Adobe Photoshop and for books on DIY design Warehouse #2: AppStore Reviews If you’re in the mobile app, digital product or game business, the AppStore is loaded with customer reviews that will help you write sick copy that resonates with prospects....

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(via 6 Proven Ways to Boost the Conversion Rates of Your Call-to-Action Buttons ) So let’s cut the excuses and start using techniques we know will work, like the six data-backed methods for improving conversions explained below. Entertain the lizard brain Focus visitors on simple calls to action Make buttons look like buttons Write button copy in the first person Boost your buttons with “click triggers” When visitors are ready, unleash the awesome

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🔗 Seth’s Blog: Naming a business

Seth’s Blog: Naming a business First, (…) The LESS it has to do with your category, the better. Second, please pick a real english word, or a string of them. (…) Third, be sure it’s easy to spell AND pronounce. (…) Fourth, don’t obsess about getting a short web name. (…)

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🔗 The Two Most Powerful Words in Discount | PPC Hero®

The Two Most Powerful Words in Discount | PPC Hero® So I would recommend improving the ads CPI by keeping in mind the two most powerful words of discount advertising: “Yeah, sure” said with as much cynicism as you can muster.

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📺 How to ask a favor? Part 1

“Compassion, I’m blind!” vs. “Today is a beautiful day, and I cannot see it…” Share your point of view, your life, your passion, your handicaps… only by sharing can you get feedback from the people that identify with you . (and only from those, as the others were unreachable anyway). (Source: https://www.youtube.com/ )

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