馃敆聽It鈥檚 time to be outcome driven

It鈥檚 time to be outcome driven - Felipe Castro - OKR Trainer, Speaker, Author As Benedict Evans points out, humans have a clear tendency when they get new tools: There鈥檚 an old saying that when we get a new tool, we begin by making it fit the old way of working, and then we change the way we work to fit the new tool. 99% of people make OKR fit their old way of working....

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馃敆聽Simple suggestions for technology investment

Simple suggestions for technology investment. | by swardley | Apr, 2024 | Medium Wardley鈥檚 unproven method of thinking about investment. Step 1: Ignore the consultants, business gurus and analyst reports. Step 2: Gather some actual practitioners. Step 3: Ask them what matters. Step 4: Categorise the list. Step 5: Map the perspectives [Parallel] Step 6: Identify areas of investment. [Parallel] Step 7: Aggregation and comparison. TL;DR Be clear on your purpose....

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馃敆聽Making a Business Case for Accessibility in Small and Large Publishing Organisations

Show Me the Money: Making a Business Case for Accessibility in Small and Large Publishing Organisations | BookMachine DON鈥橳: Say it鈥檒l increase sales DO: Talk about compliance DON鈥橳: Pretend to be a lawyer DO: Speak to a lawyer DON鈥橳: Promise AI will fix everything DO: Explore vendor options DON鈥橳: Narrow the conversation solely to print disability DO: Talk about readiness and future-proofing DO: Talk to experts

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馃敆聽Awesome list of status pages

GitHub - ivbeg/awesome-status-pages: Awesome list of status pages Awesome list of status pages opensource software, online services, and public status pages of major internet companies.

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馃敆聽Rivers and buckets

Rivers and buckets - Sketchplanations It鈥檚 impossible to keep up with everything. Consider thinking of areas of your life like rivers, not buckets. Oliver explains rivers not buckets in 鈥淭reat your to-read pile like a river鈥. (from the Oliver Burkeman article above) The problem, as the critic Nicholas Carr explained, isn鈥檛 filter failure. It鈥檚 filter success. In a world of effectively infinite information, the better you get at sifting the wheat from the chaff, the more you end up crushed beneath a never-ending avalanche of wheat....

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馃敆聽Hypermedia Systems

Hypermedia Systems We hope to have convinced you that hypermedia, rather than being a 鈥渓egacy鈥 technology or a technology only appropriate for 鈥渄ocuments鈥 of links, text and pictures, is, in fact, a powerful technology for building applications. In this book you have seen how to build sophisticated user interfaces鈥夆斺塮or both the web, with htmx, and for mobile applications, using Hyperview鈥夆斺塽sing hypermedia as a core underlying application technology....

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馃敆聽Engineering strategy every org should write

Engineering strategy every org should write. | Irrational Exuberance An unordered list of strategies I would recommend every engineering organization document as they grow are: How do we review, merge, deploy, and release code? What are our approved technologies for new projects? When and how do we deprecate user-facing functionality? When and how do we deprecate internal tools? How do we document our software and process? Because this is a surprisingly controversial topic, explicitly which tools do we and don鈥檛 we use for documentation?...

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馃敆聽The Just One Thing (JOT) Method

The JOT Method Here鈥檚 how it works: Take a pen or pencil and turn to a blank page of a notebook. Write today鈥檚 date in the upper left-hand corner. Think of one simple task that you鈥檝e been putting off. Write it down underneath the date. Do that task and only that task. Don鈥檛 write out a to-do list. It鈥檚 easy to let yourself get distracted by all of the other undone tasks you aren鈥檛 doing....

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馃敆聽Putting up the big numbers

Putting up the big numbers | Seth鈥檚 Blog You can write a post to express yourself, or you can try to get more followers鈥

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馃敆聽Jack Shit

What should a manager goal be? Become redundant. What should a manager do all day? Jack Shit What is a great way to test the quality of a manager? Send them on a multi-week vacation and see what happens. Does everything keep running, or does things grind to a halt? Does the team still deliver, or things are completely blocked? Is there any visibility during this time of what this team is doing, or does it seem the team fell off the face of the earth?...

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馃敆聽The State of Engineering Productivity in 2024

The State of Engineering Productivity in 2024 馃搳 1) Hybrid is hard Teams who work in hybrid mode have the hardest time. It is tough to create an environment where the playing field is level for everybody: there is less incentive to build a truly remote-friendly environment than in full-remote teams, while at the same time you don鈥檛 get the full benefits of co-location. Committing decisively to one of the two extremes might bring better results in terms of productivity 鈥 but of course it can be more challenging in other departments....

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馃敆聽The rock star conundrum

About the recording of We Are The World: The rock star conundrum | Seth鈥檚 Blog The documentary of the event is just okay, but it鈥檚 fascinating in how it shows us just how deep imposter syndrome lies. Imposter syndrome shows up because we are imposters, imposters acting 鈥榓s if鈥 in search of making something better. Perhaps the best plan is to show up and not walk out.

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馃敆聽How to Determine If the Balls You鈥檙e Juggling Are Rubber or Glass

How to Determine If the Balls You鈥檙e Juggling Are Rubber or Glass | Eblin Group Rubber balls bounce. Glass balls shatter. You can drop the rubber balls and usually recover easily enough. Drop a glass ball and you鈥檙e likely done with that one. The visual metaphor of juggling rubber balls and glass balls is easy to grasp. It still raises the issue, though, of how do you tell the difference between the two?...

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馃摐聽Macacos no nariz

Os macacos pensam que o nosso nariz 茅 a casa deles. 鈥 Miguel (5 anos)

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馃敆聽The Up-Goer Five Text Editor

The Up-Goer Five Text Editor Can you explain a hard idea uso g only the ten hundred most used words? It鈥檚 not very easy. Type in the box to try it out.

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馃敆聽Everyone is wrong about 鈥淟ove Languages鈥

Everyone is wrong about 鈥淟ove Languages.鈥 Here鈥檚 why. - Big Think [Gary] Chapman grouped these types into five distinct 鈥渓anguages.鈥 Words of affirmation: spoken expressions of appreciation or compliments Quality time: spending time together with undivided attention Acts of service: doing chores or other tasks for your partner Physical touch: ranging from hugs and holding hands to sexual acts Receiving gifts 鈥 Individuals can discover theirs by taking a 30-item quiz, available online....

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馃敆聽Do you work at a tech company?

Do you work at a tech company? | Irrational Exuberance [for engineers] a technology company is one with a strong engineering culture and empowered engineering leadership. Not the business model, not the legal definition, not 鈥減ure鈥 innovation, but having a place at the table and being a table you want to sit at. how do you determine if a company empowers and supports their engineering organization? 鈥 CEO鈥檚 background 鈥 鈥 ratio of engineering to total headcount 鈥 鈥 engineering representation in the senior leadership team 鈥 鈥 titles and seniority across organizations 鈥 鈥 extent and quality of their engineering brand efforts 鈥 navigate your network 鈥 [and ask] 鈥 ask questions 鈥 of the their engineering culture to 鈥 different interviewers 鈥

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馃敆聽All you need is Wide Events, not 鈥淢etrics, Logs and Traces鈥

All you need is Wide Events, not 鈥淢etrics, Logs and Traces鈥 鈥 when it comes to the distributed systems at scale what鈥檚 more important is an ability to 鈥渄ig鈥 into data - 鈥渟lice and dice鈥 it, build and analyse various views, correlate, search for anomalies鈥 And systems that offer all of this do exist. Wide Event is just a collection of fields with names and values, pretty much like a json document....

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馃敆聽Difftastic, a structural diff

Difftastic, a structural diff Difftastic is a CLI diff tool that compares files based on their syntax, not line-by-line. Difftastic produces accurate diffs that are easier for humans to read.

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馃敆聽Risk Based Prioritization

Risk Based Prioritization This guide serves as a crucial companion for cybersecurity professionals, offering an in-depth understanding of how to effectively prioritize vulnerabilities in the digital landscape.

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