Essays on programming I think about a lot |

Every so often I read an essay that I end up thinking about, and citing in conversation, over and over again.

Here’s my index of all the ones of those I can remember!

Nelson Elhage, Computers can be understood

Dan McKinley, Choose Boring Technology

Sandy Metz, The Wrong Abstraction

Patrick McKenzie, Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names

Thomas Ptacek, The Hiring Post

Gergely Orosz, The Product-Minded Engineer

tef, Write code that is easy to delete, not easy to extend … tef also wrote a follow-up, Repeat yourself, do more than one thing, and rewrite everything

Joel Spolsky, The Law of Leaky Abstractions

Reflections on software performance by Nelson Elhage

Brandur Leach’s series on using databases to ensure correct edge-case behavior:

Jeff Hodges, Notes on Distributed Systems for Young Bloods

J.H. Saltzer, D.P. Reed and D.D. Clark, End-to-End Arguments in System Design

Bret Victor, Inventing on Principle