How It Works – Holacracy Foundation

Holacracy is a management framework for organizations made of 5 distinct —but complementary— modules.

Holacracy is a management framework codified into a constitution — the “rules of engagement” for working in an organization.

It takes a leader willing to delegate their authority into a set of foundational rules that everyone will follow, including themselves.

Module 1 - Organizational Structure

Defines an explicit standard format for encoding roles and rules of the organization, as well as basic responsibilities for anyone in a role.

Module 2 - Rules of Cooperation

Defines foundational duties that all partners can expect from each other. Includes duties of transparency, processing requests, and prioritization.

Module 3 - Tactical Meetings

Defines a “tactical meeting” process for regular operational meetings in each team.

Module 4 - Distributed Authority

Defines foundational authorities and constraints that people have in their roles. Leaning towards autonomy and innovation.

Module 5 - Decentralized Governance Process

Establishes a decentralized governance process within every team. Anyone can propose improvements to the organizational structure within their scope of work.

History of Holacracy – Holacracy Foundation

GTD seemed to be profoundly “natural” — an inevitable discovery of the most effective way to process, organize, and respond to the world, given the nature of human mind and consciousness. … And so when we finally fully bridged Holacracy and GTD in v3.0 of the Constitution, I was pretty ecstatic.

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