Bulk Fiction: Speed Reading for Writers | Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics

(…) I discovered the Multiple Reading Process (MRP) , which turned out to be amazingly useful. The MRP identifies three distinct stages to reading:

  1. Pre-Reading
    • General Overview – Look over the document for features, layout, and structure of the material.
    • Preview – Quickly glance through the document and identify key concepts, categories and new ideas related to the purpose of your reading.
  2. Actual Reading : Read the material and fill in the gaps between the pieces you found in the Preview.
  3. Postview : Complete a Slash Recall Pattern from memory, and then refer back to the source material to fill in any blanks in your diagram.

See also the slide deck Speed Reading: How to Remember More of What You Read for example approaches applied to different types of content:

  • Magazine Articles
  • Textbook Chapters
  • Non-Fiction Books
  • Fiction Books
  • Reading on a Kindle
  • Reading on the Computer Screen