🔗 How to write a cold email

How to write a cold email Here are a few things I’ve learned about powerful/wealthy/interesting people. This is almost universally true. They read their own email. Moreover, they’re good at responding to email. They’re very, very curious people. They have very little time. Anything with friction gets sorted into a “later” bucket. The perfect cold email is Short and grabs attention. Super clear on who you are. Value prop for the receiver....

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🔗 azet/community_bash_style_guide

GitHub - azet/community_bash_style_guide: Community Bash Style Guide: writing useful and modern bash scripts, seriously. When to use bash and when to avoid bash it’s rather simple: does it need to glue userland utilities together? use bash. does it need to do complex tasks (e.g. database queries)? use something else. Why? … It consumes a lot of time and is often very difficult to debug in comparison to dynamic programming languages such as python, ruby or even perl....

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🔗 The Just One Thing (JOT) Method

The JOT Method Here’s how it works: Take a pen or pencil and turn to a blank page of a notebook. Write today’s date in the upper left-hand corner. Think of one simple task that you’ve been putting off. Write it down underneath the date. Do that task and only that task. Don’t write out a to-do list. It’s easy to let yourself get distracted by all of the other undone tasks you aren’t doing....

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🔗 An Engineering Leader’s Job Search Algorithm

💼 An Engineering Leader’s Job Search Algorithm If you do nothing else from this guide, please: Use employee referrals to get your application noticed. Participate in practice interviews to level up your interviewing skills. Always negotiate your offer. Remember that job searching is hard, but your new team is excited to have you join–they just don’t know it yet! Communicating Impact For each job on your resume, you’ll want one or more bullet points that outline what action you took, what you achieved, the impact it had, and perhaps the tech that was used....

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🔗 The thread

The thread - Josh Bernoff What is the thread? It is the throughline of any blog post, essay, or book chapter. The point Setup Reasoning Exploration The point Start with the end in mind. What is the point? Write the title and the lede based on that. Then, the setup. What is the problem? What is have I noticed? Then, reasoning. Examples. Stories. Structures and frameworks. Subsidiary points. Then some additional richness....

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🔗 Simple tips for managing any project

Simple tips for managing any project | by swardley | Jan, 2024 | Medium These questions are my simple tips for managing any project. “Who are the users?” “What are the users’ needs?” “What capabilities do we need to meet those needs?” “What components do those capabilities need?” “How evolved are these components?” “How are we managing these components?”

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📋 Quantifiable achievements

It’s important to understand that recruiters and hiring managers are often looking for concrete evidence of your accomplishments in previous roles. Quantifying your achievements means providing specific, numerical data to illustrate the impact you’ve made. Here’s how you can effectively do this: Use Numbers and Metrics: Quantify your impact with data, e.g., “Reduced website load times by 40% through optimised code.” Project Successes: Highlight successful projects, e.g., “Led a team of 5 to develop a new application, delivered 3 weeks ahead of schedule....

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🏞 Share Google Files Securely: The Why and How

Increasing levels of sharing access for files in Google Drive (source) Always remember these three guiding principles when choosing your share settings: Share with the fewest people and lowest level of access and permission as the work allows. Be aware of searchable settings that may unintentionally share the file with others. If no longer needed, reduce sharing permissions or delete files. Combining these principles with an understanding of Stanford’s risk classifications will help you make the best sharing choices....

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✂️ SQLite

Small information nuggets and recipies about SQLite

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💭 “The Business” considered harmful

Few corporate speak expressions annoy me in as much as these 2 words: 😬 “The business” This is a pet peeve of mine, for sure. But beyond that, it’s important we stop covering decision makers behind “The Business” curtain. There is no such entity called “The Business” in companies. “The Business” isn’t a job function or role or group of people. “The Business” is everyone in the company. So what is happening in reality, behind “The Business” curtain?...

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💭 Pairing Reviews: Bridging the gap between pair programming and code reviews

Paring technical sessions for kick-offs and reviews can be a good alternative for programmers frustrated with async code reviews and unhappy with continuous pair programming.

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Illustration presenting a transformation from a chaotic, cluttered workspace to an organized, efficient one, depicted in a modern digital painting style. These visuals capture the theme of transitioning from an overwhelming flow of Slack notifications, represented by a garbage landfill, to a structured, clutter-free environment, represented by a river flow and green fields.

💭 Slack Overload? Regain control with Inbox Zero principles

The goal is to apply “inbox zero” concepts to Slack and mitigate the pressures to “respond immediately”. The realisation is that sections can become a pseudo-inbox of channels that need reading (as opposed to considering messages the unit to manipulate).

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✂️ IntelliJ

Small information nuggets and recipies about IntelliJ

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✂️ Gradle

Small information nuggets and recipies about Gradle

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✂️ Kotlin

Small information nuggets and recipies about Kotlin

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✂️ GitHub

Small information nuggets and recipies about GitHub

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✂️ Markdown

Small information nuggets and recipies about Markdown

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✂️ Git

Small information nuggets and recipies about Git

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Small information nuggets and recipies about HTML

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✂️ Spring Boot

Small information nuggets and recipies about Spring Boot

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