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Small information nuggets and recipies about webMethods

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… running installer from a jar

java -Xmx1024m -Xincgc -jar webMethodsInstaller71.jar

Diagnostics info

… Integration Server

  • Thread Dump (“Administering Integration Server”, section “Generating Thread Dumps”):

    1. “Server” ➤ “Statistics page”
    2. Under “Usage”, click the “Current number of System Threads”
    3. Click “Generate JVM Thread Dump”
  • Diagnostic Data (“Administering Integration Server”, section “Using the Diagnostic Utility”):

    • svc: wm.server.admin:getDiagnosticData
    • url: http://localhost:5555/invoke/wm.server.admin/getDiagnosticData
    • out: C:\SoftwareAG\IntegrationServer\logs\diagnostic_data.zip

… Mediator

  • svc: mediator.util:mediatorDiagnosticZip
  • url: http://localhost:5555/invoke/mediator.util:mediatorDiagnosticZip
  • out: <download>

… My webMethods Server

  • See “Diagnosing My webMethods Server” PDF document
    • cmd:
      copy C:\SoftwareAG\MWS\components\extras\analysis\wm_eventscollector.pdp C:\SoftwareAG\MWS\server\default\deploy
      cd SoftwareAG\MWS\tools\env_capture
      run -s default
    • out: C:\SoftwareAG\MWS\tools\env_capture\portal-env.zip

… Optimize

  • cmd: Navigate ➤ Applications ➤ Administration ➤ Analytics ➤ Diagnostics
  • out: export.csv

Broker setup

… see “webMethods Broker Administrators Guide.pdf”

  • Create shared broker with more storage

    -session_config qs
    -qs_log_file <datadir>/Broker.qs.log 128M            #   8  [32]  128
    -qs_storage_file <datadir>/Broker.qs.stor 2048M 256M # 256 [512] 1024
                                                            #   ?  [64]    ?
  • Increase storage cache size (“should at least be the size of the log file”)

    1. Edit: awbroker.cfg
    2. Add: storage-max-cache-size=512 # [128]

Broker install problems

… aborted or interrupted installation

  1. Delete directories:

    {WM_HOME}\Broker\data\awbrokers61 (?)
  2. Delete services from registry:


Integration Server

… see “webMethods Integration Server Administrators Guide.pdf”

… default users

  • file: {WM_HOME}/IntegrationServer/config/users.cnf
    • user: Administrator / manage
      • hash: vI5TC3V31VdoYdyukqpb7AYXHXQ
    • user: Developer / isdev
    • user: Replicator / iscopy

starting up

  1. Debug/Safe mode:

    {WM_HOME}\IntegrationServer\bin\server.bat -debug 4 -log none
    {WM_HOME}\IntegrationServer\bin\server.bat -safeboot
  2. If it fails to run after improper shutdown, delete file:

  3. To run as a service, use installation file:

  4. When running multiple instances on the same machine, tweak:

  5. Setup X-Referencing:

    # jdbc - use connection pool
    # repo - use repository (see clustering) [default]

… extended settings


Repo Server

To be able to start it after the initial setup:

  1. Manually create logs directory:

    {WM_HOME}\IntegrationServer\reposerver\log directory
  2. Create lib directory and put there the JDBC Driver jar:


    or else you’ll get the error:

    [ISC.0067.0099C] Repository Server initialization failed

  3. Install fix IS_6-1_Fix14 to run as a service or else it aborts starting up:

    System error 1067 has occurred.

Jdbc adapter

  • URL format, see “IntegrationServerAdminGuide.pdf” (pag. 86)

… Oracle:


… SQL Server




… DB2 (AS/400)


… driver classes

// DataDirect Connect
com.wm.dd.jdbc.oracle.OracleDriver       // JDBC Oracle Driver
com.wm.dd.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver // JDBC SQL Server Driver
com.wm.dd.jdbc.db2.DB2Driver             // JDBC DB2 Driver
com.wm.dd.jdbc.sybase.SybaseDriver       // JDBC Sybase Driver: TN Only
// DataDirect SequeLink
com.merant.sequelink.jdbc.SequeLinkDriver // JDBC Driver: TN Only

… adapter services

  1. Copy an existing connection in the admin pages
  2. Find dependents on the old connection
  3. For each service, call the WmART package service pub.art.service:setAdapterServiceNodeConnection using the service name and the new connection alias
  4. For each notification, call the WmART package service pub.art.notification:setPollingNotificationNodeConnection instead
  • NOTE: use different connections for adapter services and adapter notifications (HF: why?)

Debug from Java or JSP to server.log

… send DEBUG messages directly to the server.log from inside an IS java service

  • Used in the implementation of the pub.flow.debugLog service:

    com.wm.util.JournalLogger.log(3, 90, 4, "message");
    //  3 ... param = "code"    , value = ?!?
    // 90 ... param = "facility", value = FAC_FLOW_SVC
    //  4 ... param = "severity", value = DEBUG

My webMethods Server (MWS)

… configure database access without using the installer

  • Edit file: webMethods7\MWS\server\default\config\db.xml

… example connection block, using a local Oracle 10g XE

<CONNECTION default="true" displayname="Default" id="1"
    name="default" type="oracle">

… change web service timeout for a CAF application

  • url: http://localhost:8585
  • user: sysadmin
  • pass: manage
  • path: Folders ➤ Administrative Folders ➤ Administration Dashboard ➤ Configuration ➤ CAF Application Runtime Configuration


Preferences to prevent slow background operations

  • Open menu “Windows” ➤ “Preferences…” and, on the left side panel, select:
    • Version 7.x
      1. Server
        • Uncheck “Automatically publish to local servers”
        • Uncheck “Automatically publish to remote servers”
      2. Validation
        • Check “Suspend all validators”
      3. webMethods ➤ Metadata Library
        • Check “Disable Workspace Asset Indexing (takes effect on next restart)”
    • Version 8.x
      1. Open each MwS on the server panel (right-click)
        • Check “Never publish automatically”
      2. Validation
        • Check “Suspend all validators”
      3. Software AG ➤ Workspace Index
        • Check “Disable Workspace Indexing”

Setup problems with caf.default.runtime

  • Eclipse workspace default runtime settings file:

  • In each portlet project:


CAG: Project not compiling and/or not showing portlets in the solutions

NOTE: If on Windows, make sure there are no “hidden” or “read-only” files in the portlet project.

In the “Navigator” tab, the project folder needs to have a “world” icon to be considered a CAF project. If not

  1. Select “Project” ➤ “Properties”
  2. Select “Project Facets” (on the left side panel)
    • Press “Modify Project…”
    • Select in the Configurations: “CAF Portlet Application”
    • Press “Finish”
  3. Select “Java Build Path” (on the left side panel)
    • Remove duplicates ➤ Ok ➤ Add single again

CAF: Object ids formats

:myForm:myObject                  // absolute
myForm:myObject                   // relative
myPortleAlias#myForm:myObject     // external
$myObject                         // raw html

CAF: Get object by id


CAF: SOAP monitor

CAF: Client side logger

… bookmarklet

… Firebug

  • You can direct CAF Logger messages to the Firebug console with the following Javascript:

  • Alternately, you could start a Logger.FirebugAppender instance that listens to a custom log level and/or category (so as to avoid all the CAF debug messages):

    Logger.history.replay(new Logger.FirebugAppender(Logger.INFO, "my-category").start().append);