๐Ÿ”— 8 Steps to Choosing the Right Market for You

8 Steps to Choosing the Right Market for You In this post Iโ€™ll show you how I chose my market and Iโ€™ll share a few different resources I used to learn more (including how you can use a franchise business to give you all the info you need). Make a list of market ideas Is the market big enough to support you? Is the market profit driven? Remove all industries that donโ€™t interest you Do they make enough money to buy software?...

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Steve Blank (via How To Build A Startup: The Lean Launchpad โ€“ Udacity ) Syllabusโ€ฆ Lesson 1: What We Now Know Why startups are not smaller versions of large companies Lesson 2: Business Models and Customer Development How to articulate and test hypotheses **Lesson 3: Value Proposition ** How do you find your minimum viable product? **Lesson 4: Customer Segments ** How do you find your customer archetype? **Lesson 5: Channels...

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Landing Pages Unbounce โ€” Landing pages with A/B Testing Launchrock โ€” โ€œComing Soonโ€ pages KickoffLabs Market Surveys AskYourTargetMarket Statistics and Metrics KISSMetrics Usability Testing UserTesting โ€” Low cost testing with live users User Feedback SnapEngage UserVoice Software Programs Microsoft BizSpark โ€” โ€œall-you-can-eatโ€ for startups (i.e. an indigestion?)

๐Ÿ”— Burn Your Business Plan! – Forbes

Burn Your Business Plan! โ€“ Forbes Now letโ€™s be careful, Iโ€™m not saying business plans have no place in the universe, but I am saying they are a bad place to start. There is a much better process to follow and when you are done then, and only then, should you write a business plan. See practical example from XoomPark : Xoom park bmc_international_new_sp [autosaved] View more presentations from Steve Blank