🔗 8 Steps to Choosing the Right Market for You

8 Steps to Choosing the Right Market for You In this post I’ll show you how I chose my market and I’ll share a few different resources I used to learn more (including how you can use a franchise business to give you all the info you need). Make a list of market ideas Is the market big enough to support you? Is the market profit driven? Remove all industries that don’t interest you Do they make enough money to buy software?...

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📺 How To Build A Startup: The Lean Launchpad

Steve Blank (via How To Build A Startup: The Lean Launchpad – Udacity ) Syllabus… Lesson 1: What We Now Know Why startups are not smaller versions of large companies Lesson 2: Business Models and Customer Development How to articulate and test hypotheses **Lesson 3: Value Proposition ** How do you find your minimum viable product? **Lesson 4: Customer Segments ** How do you find your customer archetype? **Lesson 5: Channels...

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📋 Online tools for the Lean Startup practitioner

Landing Pages Unbounce — Landing pages with A/B Testing Launchrock — “Coming Soon” pages KickoffLabs Market Surveys AskYourTargetMarket Statistics and Metrics KISSMetrics Usability Testing UserTesting — Low cost testing with live users User Feedback SnapEngage UserVoice Software Programs Microsoft BizSpark — “all-you-can-eat” for startups (i.e. an indigestion?)

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🔗 Burn Your Business Plan! – Forbes

Burn Your Business Plan! – Forbes Now let’s be careful, I’m not saying business plans have no place in the universe, but I am saying they are a bad place to start. There is a much better process to follow and when you are done then, and only then, should you write a business plan. See practical example from XoomPark : Xoom park bmc_international_new_sp [autosaved] View more presentations from Steve Blank

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