📜 Creativity feedback

If they tell you how they think or feel, they’re most likely right. If they tell you what to do, they’re most likely wrong. From a comment on…

August 9, 2023 · 1 min · 28 words
Watercolor painting of baby shoes

💭 Histórias curtas

Pequenas histórias de 6 palavras são inspiradas num famoso desafio colocado ao escritor Hernest Hemingway. ...

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🏞 The Writing Process

{width=“598” height=“337” srcset=“tumblr_nk2ojojvBA1qz82meo1_1280.jpg 598w, tumblr_nk2ojojvBA1qz82meo1_1280-300x169.jpg 300w” sizes="(max-width: 598px) 100vw, 598px"} Nice illustration of the writing process, or any other creative/development endeavor, for that matter. Original Tweet: I love this illustration of this writing process. From Nicely Said book. pic.twitter.com/w5ccIVsrNX — ★ Sean Johnson (@seanuk) February 20, 2015 TODO: Link to the book source?

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🔗 Does Your Name Suck? – Eat My Words | Eat My Words

Does Your Name Suck? – Eat My Words | Eat My Words The SMILE & SCRATCH test: SMILE if your name has these 5 winning qualities: Suggestive – evokes a positive brand experience Meaningful – your customers “get it” Imagery – visually evocative to aid in memory Legs – lends itself to a theme for extended mileage Emotional – resonates with your audience SCRATCH it if it has any of these 7 deal breakers:...

August 16, 2014 · 1 min · 114 words

🔗 Steve Jobs: A Few Memories—Stephen Wolfram Blog

Steve Jobs: A Few Memories—Stephen Wolfram Blog About Steve Jobs’ theory on naming stuff: I asked Steve why he thought it was good, and he told me his theory for a name was to start from the generic term for something, then romanticize it . His favorite example at the time was Sony’s Trinitron. Well, it went back and forth for a while. But in the end I agreed that, yes, Mathematica was a good name....

August 16, 2014 · 1 min · 76 words

📺 Ken Robinson: How to escape education’s death valley

There are three (3) principles on which human life flourishes, and they are contradicted by the culture of education under which most teachers have to labor and most students have to endure. Human beings are naturally different and diverse . Curiosity is what drives human life flourishing. Human life is inherently creative . Education is not a mechanical system, it’s a human system, it’s about people! (via Ken Robinson: How to escape education’s death valley | Video on TED....

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🔗 WORDOID – Creative Naming Service

WORDOID – Creative Naming Service Wordoids are made-up words. They look nice and feel great. They are good for naming things. And more…

October 29, 2013 · 1 min · 23 words

📜 “inspiration” also means to breathe in. (…) But don’t forget to breathe out

“inspiration” also means to breathe in. (…) But don’t forget to breathe out. Derek Sivers in Seeking inspiration?

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Make the transition from learning to thinking to creating! Jacob Barnett in Forget What You Know, at TEDxTeen – YouTube

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🔗 Seth’s Blog: Naming a business

Seth’s Blog: Naming a business First, (…) The LESS it has to do with your category, the better. Second, please pick a real english word, or a string of them. (…) Third, be sure it’s easy to spell AND pronounce. (…) Fourth, don’t obsess about getting a short web name. (…)

June 10, 2013 · 1 min · 51 words

🔗 Watch — Everything is a Remix

Watch — Everything is a Remix Everything is a Remix is produced by me, Kirby Ferguson, a New York-based filmmaker. This site is a companion piece to the four-part video series. See also Kirby Ferguson: Embrace the remix | Video on TED.com

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📺 a show :: thoughts on the creative career

(via a show :: thoughts on the creative career ) If you wanna be something, start being it. (…) Not tomorrow, but today! Get your work in front of other people (…) you really respect. When you get a criticism, you don’t have to take all of it, or none of it. You get to piece it a apart and take the part which you think are valuable and throw away the ones you think aren’t really worth it....

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