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playbook, by thoughtbot This is your playbook. It details how you and your teammates run our software consulting company and how we make web and mobile products together. Weโ€™ve made the playbook free and licensed it as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial so others may learn from, or use, our tactics in their own companies. HELLO TIME Consulting Investment PRODUCT DESIGN SPRINT Prep Work Understand Diverge Converge Prototype Test and Learn CHOOSE PLATFORMS Web Apps Mobile Apps Programming Languages Frameworks Databases Licenses LAPTOP SETUP Laptop Dotfiles Text Editor PLANNING Daily Standups Tasks Weekly Retrospectives Planning Meeting Altering the Process DESIGNING Sketches Wireframes User Interface Interaction Design Visual Design Usability Testing DEVELOPING Version Control Style Guide Pair Programming Test-Driven Development Acceptance Tests Refactoring Code Reviews Continuous Integration PRODUCTION Checklist Domain Names SSL Certificates Hosting Performance Monitoring Error Tracking Transactional Email Payment Processing MEASURING AARRR Instrumentation Subscription Metrics A/B Testing Feature Flags SALES Leads Understanding Product Vision On Site Customer NDAs Roles No Fixed Bids Budget Rate Typical Projects Contract Invoices HIRING Recruiting Interviewing Offer and Onboarding OPERATIONS Expenses Email Calendar Documents Meetings Accounting Legal SHARING Blog Twitter Research Open Source GOODBYE

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๐Ÿ”—ย How Medium Is Building a New Kind of Company with No Managers

How Medium Is Building a New Kind of Company with No Managers For two years, Stirman managed a team at Twitter and never felt quite right about it. There was always the tension between being their boss and being their peer. (โ€ฆ) He started taking his reports out to lunch, to drinks, to coffee to see what was up. How was their wife settling into her new job? Did escrow close on their new house?...

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๐Ÿ”—ย The Responsive Organization

The Responsive Organization EfficiencyThe Responsive Organization is built to learn and respond rapidly by optimizing for the open flow of information; encouraging experimentation and learning on rapid cycles; and organizing as a network of employees, customers, and partners motivated by shared purpose. The Shift A number of fundamental shifts in corporate structures and information systems are required to take advantage of the increased speed of information. From โ†’ To Efficiency โ†’ Responsiveness...

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