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Small information nuggets and recipies about OpenSolaris

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Joyent quick guide

  • Disk free, listed in Gig df -ht
  • Good view of both processor and memory statistics prstat -Z -s cpu
  • Processes currently running ps -elf
  • Admin user processes ps -uadmin -o pcpu,user,pid,args,comm,s
  • Another Admin user process list ps -uadmin -o user,args,pcpu,pmem,vsz,time,comm
  • Mysql user processes ps -umysql -o pcpu,vsz,osz,args,comm,s
  • True Virtual memory usage on S or M size prstat -Z
  • True Virtual memory usage on Shared Solaris Hosting prstat -J
  • Virtual memory statistics vmstat 5 5
  • Swap disk status (Solaris) swap -l
  • Report per processor statistics mpstat 5 5 or psrinfo
  • A site with some useful commands: http://www.rocket99.com/unix/unix1.html

Show accelerator id


Show cpu info

psrinfo -v

Info about processes and zones

… column RSS = memory

prstat -Z

Service management

svcs -a                     # status of all the services
svcs -vx                    # what is not running but should
svcs -x name                # details on a specific service name
svcadm action name          # enable|disable|restart a service by name