How to Public Speaking (via A Show with Ze Frank)

Wear pants. Your own pants!

Take it seriously.

Don’t imagine the audience is naked… 🙂

I. To think about when creating the talk

  1. Don’t be a “douchebag”.
  2. Find a format that is an extension of you… e.g. Speak about origami in the “style of origami”
  3. Ø
  4. Write an “honesty talk” with all the things you’re affraid and unsure of… it’ll often remind you of what you’re sure of and to say things simply and honestly .
  5. If you struggle to fin a point… maybe you don’t have one. (and it’s ok)

II. Preparing for your talk

  1. Don’t read!
  2. See what excites you in your day-to-day life, and bottle it up to release it on stage.
  3. Practice. Do your entire talk out loud in an empty room, without stopping! (x 3)

III. When it’s time to get on stage

  1. It’s ok to feel a bit strange, and charged, and afraid, and uncomfortable.
  2. Sometimes we confuse excitement with anxiety .
  3. Use your “temperature” before going on stage as your baseline, as what’s normal.
  4. If don’t know how to start, just look out at everyone, smile and say “Hi”.
  5. Don’t pause after you tell a joke.
  6. If people start to laugh or clap loudly, start speaking again right after the peak. Think of it as surfing .
  7. If you make a mistake, don’t point it out or dwell on it. Just keep moving.
  8. If you see someone in the audience that looks like they hate you to death, avoid looking at them!
  9. If you need inspiration, watch a video of Spalding Gray .
  10. You’ll do great!

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