📺 Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories

Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories: Man in a hole Boy meets girl Little girl… ( Source: https://www.youtube.com/ )

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And here’s how to do it in your own presentations: Craft the Beginning Develop the Middle Make the Ending Powerful (via Structure Your Presentation Like a Story – Nancy Duarte – Harvard Business Review ) See also the related TED presentation: Nancy Duarte: The secret structure of great talks | Video on TED.com

📺 How to Public Speaking

How to Public Speaking (via A Show with Ze Frank) Wear pants. Your own pants! Take it seriously. Don’t imagine the audience is naked… 🙂 I. To think about when creating the talk Don’t be a “douchebag”. Find a format that is an extension of you… e.g. Speak about origami in the “style of origami” Ø Write an “honesty talk” with all the things you’re affraid and unsure of… it’ll often remind you of what you’re sure of and to say things simply and honestly ....

🔗 Out Loud | Rands In Repose

Out Loud | Rands In Repose Say the following out loud right now: I am reading this out loud to no one in particular. Were you surprised to hear your voice? I was. Did you actually read it out loud? No? Why not? Sitting in a coffee shop? Worried that the guy next to you will think you’re a freak? (…) You still haven’t read it out loud, have you?