Engineering strategy every org should write. | Irrational Exuberance

An unordered list of strategies I would recommend every engineering organization document as they grow are:

  • How do we review, merge, deploy, and release code?
  • What are our approved technologies for new projects?
  • When and how do we deprecate user-facing functionality?
  • When and how do we deprecate internal tools?
  • How do we document our software and process?
  • Because this is a surprisingly controversial topic, explicitly which tools do we and don’t we use for documentation?
  • How do we evaluate, select and adopt new technologies?
  • How do we migrate away from our existing technologies?
  • How do we respond to incidents?
  • How do we identify and prioritize incident remediations?
  • How do folks switch teams?
  • How do you staff work on ‘unowned” areas and tools?
  • How do folks move from individual contributor track to management track? How do they move back?
  • How do you think about evaluating internal versus external candidates for scarce roles?
  • How do you empower senior engineers to contribute to the engineering organization beyond day-to-day technical contributions?