From Lenny’s Podcast episode: A framework for PM skill development | Vikrama Dhiman (Gojek)

Vikrama Dhiman heads all things product at Gojek, including product management, design, program management, and research, across Indonesia, Singapore and India.

The 3 W’s framework for PM career growth:

  • What you produce?
    • Start by focusing on your outputs
    • Don‘t lose sight of outputs when you start focusing on outcomes
  • What you bring to the table?
    • Impact through the artifacts that you work on
  • What’s your operating model?
    • Main pillars or axis of knowledge
      • Data and metrics
      • Design and research
      • Technology
      • Strategy
    • Essential skills if you are going from mid-senior to senior level
      • Communication skills
      • Collaboration skills
      • Organizational skills
      • Community skills

How to work with others and other stakeholders:

  • Raise difficult issues without being difficult to work with
  • Bring out important topics without drawing importance to yourself
  • Be able to get decisions made without having to make all the decisions yourself

When transitioning to the Product Management role?

Focus on improving the more relevant aspects of “What’s your operating model?”