🔗 Rule of Silence definition

Rule of Silence definition by The Linux Information Project The rule of silence, also referred to as the silence is golden rule, is an important part of the Unix philosophy that states that when a program has nothing surprising, interesting or useful to say, it should say nothing. It means that well-behaved programs should treat their users’ attention and concentration as being valuable and thus perform their tasks as unobtrusively as possible....

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🔗 Hara Hachi Bu

Hara Hachi Bu - Sketchplanations Hara Hachi Bu is a saying from Okinawa in Southern Japan that advises people to stop eating when they’re 80% full. Okinawa is famous for the longevity of the people who live there. The more literal translation of hara hachi bu is stomach eight parts (out of ten).

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🔗 A framework for PM skill development | Vikrama Dhiman

From Lenny’s Podcast episode: A framework for PM skill development | Vikrama Dhiman (Gojek) Vikrama Dhiman heads all things product at Gojek, including product management, design, program management, and research, across Indonesia, Singapore and India. The 3 W’s framework for PM career growth: What you produce? Start by focusing on your outputs Don‘t lose sight of outputs when you start focusing on outcomes What you bring to the table? Impact through the artifacts that you work on What’s your operating model?...

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🔗 HTML First

HTML First HTML First is a set of principles that aims to make building web software easier, faster, more inclusive, and more maintainable by… Leveraging the default capabilities of modern web browsers. Leveraging the extreme simplicity of HTML’s attribute syntax. Leveraging the web’s ViewSource affordance. Principles Prefer Vanilla approaches Use HTML attributes for styling and behaviour Use libraries that leverage HTML attributes Avoid Build Steps Prefer Naked HTML Be View-Source Friendly

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🔗 The importance of overcommunication in a remote workplace

Interesting article about the “share often, in multiple ways” adage of over-communicating in a remote environment: The importance of overcommunication in a remote workplace – Pumble Blog How to overcommunicate effectively #1 – Keep it simple #2 – Hold short frequent meetings #3 – Make one-on-ones more informal #4 – Mix up modes of communication #5 – Set up guidelines for modes of communication #6 – Don’t wait on news...

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🏞 Share Google Files Securely: The Why and How

Increasing levels of sharing access for files in Google Drive (source) Always remember these three guiding principles when choosing your share settings: Share with the fewest people and lowest level of access and permission as the work allows. Be aware of searchable settings that may unintentionally share the file with others. If no longer needed, reduce sharing permissions or delete files. Combining these principles with an understanding of Stanford’s risk classifications will help you make the best sharing choices....

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🔗 Site Structure

Site Structure | Web Style Guide 3 The success of the organization of your web site will be determined largely by how well your site’s information architecture matches your users’ expectations. A logical, consistently named site organization allows users to make successful predictions about where to find things. Figure 3.2 — Examples of the “Goldilocks problem” in getting the site structure “just right.” Too shallow a structure (left) forces menus to become too long....

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💭 Talking or speaking? Easily recall how to give good feedback

There are many guidelines on how to structure feedback but human nature is quite common. A simple mnemonic will help your recall your favourite framework when it matters the most — talk about what you “observe”, its “impact” and then “ask”.

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The emojis 🙉 🤔 🎯 side-by-side in a vibrant, abstract style with bold brush strokes, in a dynamic background that features deep blues, bright oranges, and contrasting whites, creating a sense of movement and energy.

💭 Hearing or listening? Unlock the value of receiving feedback

Most information on feedback focuses on how to give negative feedback. But what about receiving negative feedback? How better would it be if both ends shared the burden of having productive conversations? Let’s put our egos to the side and be emphatic with those who give us criticism, so the burden isn’t on the speaker alone.

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🔗 7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI

7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI The Rules: Light comes from the sky Black and white first Double your whitespace Learn the methods of overlaying text on images (see Part 2 ) Make text pop— and un-pop (see Part 2 ) Only use good fonts (see Part 2 ) Steal like an artist (see Part 2 )

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🔗 #GamerGate [Online] Survival Guide | Jon Jones, smArtist

#GamerGate [Online] Survival Guide | Jon Jones, smArtist Here is a quick, streamlined guide on how to keep yourself safe online and make harassing you and tracking you down much more difficult. Two-factor authentication on everything. Password manager for unique, difficult passwords. Install PrivacyFix. Lock down old Facebook posts and adjust your privacy settings. Domain name whois guard. Delete old accounts. Check the internet for your personal information. Use a VPN....

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If you want to choose your lifestyle, you cannot be picky about what careers you want to pursue. If you want to choose your career, you cannot be picky about what cities/lifestyles you want to live in. — Francis Chen (via Life: What has life taught you? – Quora )

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(via The 5 Rules of Storytelling Every Teacher Should Know about ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning )

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📜 All well-drawn characters have a spine. And the idea is that the

All well-drawn characters have a spine. And the idea is that the character has an inner motor, a dominant, unconscious goal that they’re striving for, an itch that they can’t scratch. Judith Weston (via Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story | TED.com )

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📺 Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story

All good stories (…) should give you a promise. [to be fulfilled] Make the audience put things together. Don’t give them four, give them two plus two. [“The Unifying Theory of 2 + 2”] Storytelling has guidelines, not hard, fast rules. A strong theme is always running through well told story. The best stories infuse wonder. (via Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story | Video on TED.com)

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📜 Drama is anticipation mingled with uncertainty

Drama is anticipation mingled with uncertainty William Archer (via Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story | TED.com )

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🔗 Support Guidelines « Vesper

Support Guidelines « Vesper Dave Wiskus ’ guidelines for handling @vesperapp support emails: Use Names Everyone Gets a Reply No Arguments Keep Records Be Honest Sooner is Better Ask for a Favor Say ‘Thank You’

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🔗 Design Principles | Android Developers

Design Principles | Android Developers These design principles were developed by and for the Android User Experience Team to keep users’ best interests in mind. Consider them as you apply your own creativity and design thinking. Deviate with purpose. Enchant Me Delight me in surprising ways Real objects are more fun than buttons and menus Let me make it mine Get to know me Simplify My Life Keep it brief Pictures are faster than words Decide for me but let me have the final say Only show what I need when I need it I should always know where I am Never lose my stuff If it looks the same, it should act the same Only interrupt me if it’s important Make Me Amazing...

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