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Brad Ellis – Çingleton 2012 (by Çingleton) Team self-assessment skills… quite complementary, no? 🙂 https://www.dropbox.com/s/2uuyynyaemxxtlm/hugo.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/1jx0hi5s99st8a0/susy.png

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The slightly painful truth is, at any one time there is only one piece of real estate we can “own” in another person’s mind. People can’t think of us as a project manager, professor, attorney, insurance agent, editor and entrepreneur all at exactly the same time. They may all be true about us but people can only think of us as one thing first. At any one time there is only one phrase that can follow our name....

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XWP vs. JAP | Michael O.Church Enter the “X.W.P.” distinction, which is the alternative to being a “J.A.P.” [Just A Programmer] It means an “X Who Programs”, where X might be an entrepreneur, a researcher, a data scientist, a security specialist, a quant, or possibly even a manager. If you’re an XWP, you can program, and quite possibly full-time, but you have an additional credibility that is rooted in something other than software engineering....

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(via #E2sday: Roles on a Team and How They Apply to the Enterprise | The Future of Work )

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