๐Ÿ”—ย 8 Different Ways to Organize Your Backlog

8 Different Ways to Organize Your Backlog by Anthony Murphy, Visual Workspace for Innovation User Story Maps Backlog as a User Story Map Idea Funnel Backlog Idea Funnel Backlog feeding into a Kanban board Opportunity Backlog Splitting your backlog into two โ€” Opportunity backlog for discovery and Development for delivery. Classes of Work Backlog Divide your backlog into multiple smaller backlogs based on different classes of work. Tree Backlog Tree backlogs are great for complex products with many different feature sets....

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userexperiencehub: Design Process Diagram by Todd Warfel

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misslillybrowne: That Squiggle of the Design Process The Process of Design from a great height . by Damien Newman

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