8 Different Ways to Organize Your Backlog by Anthony Murphy, Visual Workspace for Innovation

User Story Maps
Backlog as a User Story Map

Idea Funnel Backlog
Idea Funnel Backlog feeding into a Kanban board

Opportunity Backlog
Splitting your backlog into two — Opportunity backlog for discovery and Development for delivery.

Classes of Work Backlog
Divide your backlog into multiple smaller backlogs based on different classes of work.

Tree Backlog
Tree backlogs are great for complex products with many different feature sets.

Impact Map Backlog
Impact maps are great for ideating many alternative paths towards a particular outcome.

Circle Backlog
Circle backlogs are perfect for creating ‘slices’ to categorise your work whilst still maintaining a holistic view in one place.

Conversion Funnel Backlog
Conversion Funnel backlogs are great for early and growth stage products with clear conversions.