🔗 Everyone is wrong about “Love Languages”

Everyone is wrong about “Love Languages.” Here’s why. - Big Think [Gary] Chapman grouped these types into five distinct “languages.” Words of affirmation: spoken expressions of appreciation or compliments Quality time: spending time together with undivided attention Acts of service: doing chores or other tasks for your partner Physical touch: ranging from hugs and holding hands to sexual acts Receiving gifts … Individuals can discover theirs by taking a 30-item quiz, available online....

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BICEPS — PALOMA MEDINA There are six core needs researchers find are important for humans (both at work and in our personal lives). Each of us have a personal hierarchy for the six however: … Getting to know them is a shortcut to better communication, as well as greater inclusivity at work. Belonging Improvement Choice Equality/ Fairness Predictability Significance See also: Coaching Questions Cheat Sheet - Google Docs Getting to Know Others’ BICEPS Core Needs

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💭 Speaking or communicating? Easily recall how to give good feedback

There are many guidelines on how to structure feedback but human nature is quite common. A simple mnemonic will help your recall your favourite framework when it matters the most — talk about what you “observe”, its “impact” and then “ask”.

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