🔗 Holacracy Foundation

How It Works – Holacracy Foundation Holacracy is a management framework for organizations made of 5 distinct —but complementary— modules. Holacracy is a management framework codified into a constitution — the “rules of engagement” for working in an organization. It takes a leader willing to delegate their authority into a set of foundational rules that everyone will follow, including themselves. Module 1 - Organizational Structure Defines an explicit standard format for encoding roles and rules of the organization, as well as basic responsibilities for anyone in a role....

June 12, 2024 · 2 min · 242 words

📜 The three D’s of meetings

Dropbox’s CEO on return to office (RTO): Workers aren’t ‘resources to control’ | Fortune All meetings must narrow in on the “three D’s” of discussion, debate, or decision-making …

October 20, 2023 · 1 min · 29 words

📜 Immediately after every lecture, meeting, or any significant

Immediately after every lecture, meeting, or any significant experience, take 30 seconds — no more, no less — to write down the most important points. Sonra Oku (via The 30 second habit with a lifelong impact — Medium )

March 8, 2014 · 1 min · 39 words

🔗 Three useful one-liner anchors to use on e-mail | Ricardo Clerigo

Three useful one-liner anchors to use on e-mail | Ricardo Clerigo I also find that starting text with a “> [Keyword]” combination works great, as in: Agreed: text Follow-up: text Action: text

April 9, 2013 · 1 min · 32 words

🔗 Doodle: easy scheduling

Doodle: easy scheduling Doodle radically simplifies the process of scheduling events, whether they’re board or team meetings, dinners with friends, reunions, weekend trips, or anything else.

October 19, 2012 · 1 min · 26 words

🔗 Manager Tools

Manager Tools Manager Tools is focused on helping you become a more effective manager and leader. (…) If you’re tired of a lot of management “theory” and would rather learn specific actions you can take TODAY, we think you’ll enjoy the Manager Tools podcast. Also, it has some very interesting tips regarding Meetings, namely: The 45 Minute Meeting Effective Meetings Starter Model — Part 1 and Part 2

February 8, 2012 · 1 min · 68 words