Hate OKRs? Avoid these 7 mistakes | by Sarah Goff-Dupont | Smells Like Team Spirit | Medium

Mistake #1: confusing themes with objectives

Mistake #2: capturing all your work as OKRs

Mistake #3: confusing key results with tasks

Mistake #4: scoring key results by gut-feel

Mistake #5: scoring key results on the wrong scale

Mistake #6: consistently scoring 1s on every OKR

Mistake #7: doggedly pursuing a bogus OKR

After a few quarters of doing OKRs the way they’re supposed to be done (or close to it), I generally feel more focused. It’s easy to figure out what I should be working on at any given point in the quarter. And if someone requests additional work from me, I can weigh it against OKR-related work and give them a yes/no answer quickly.