Michael O. Church’s answer to Why do some developers at strong companies like Google consider Agile development to be nonsense? – Quora

Before I get into why this “Agile” stuff is horrible, let’s describe where Agile/Scrum can work. It can work for a time-sensitive and critical project of short duration (6 weeks max) that cross-cuts the business and has no clear manager , because it involves people from multiple departments. You can call it a “Code Red” or call it a Scrum or a “War Room” if you have a physical room for it.

Note that “Agile” comes from the consulting world. It suits well the needs of a small consulting firm , not yet very well-established, that lands one big-ticket project and needs to deliver it quickly, despite changing requirements and other potential bad behavior from the client. It works well when you have a relatively homogeneous talent level and a staff of generalists , which might also be true for an emerging web consultancy .