Accelerating serendipity — Makeshift Thoughts — Medium

Can you make happy accidents happen more often?

  • Just turn up
  • Put yourself in the right place
  • Avoid zemblanity
  • Say “Yes, and…” instead of “Yes, but…”
  • Keep your eyes open for opportunity
  • Use serendipity engines
  • Don’t be too precious with your ideas
  • Help other people to have serendipity
  • Get good at introductions
  • Answer “But why?” with “I don’t know yet”
  • Goldilocks serendipity

Example email introduction “template”:

Intro: Anne, meet Bob

Hi guys, I thought I’d make an introduction because (reason).

Anne, Bob is (reason for relevance) and (how I know him / he’s amazing).

Bob, Anne is (reason for relevance) and (how I know her / she’s ace).

I hope something good happens because of this intro! (Etc.)