TEDxPortsmouth – Dr. Alan Watkins – Being Brilliant Every Single Day: (Part 1) (Part 2)

Your performance and results…

  1. … depend on your behaviour
  2. … which depends on what you think
  3. … which depends on how you feel
  4. … which depends on your emotions
  5. … which depend on your physiology

(…) the dominant factor in the thinking <=> feeling loop is feeling

(…) feelings are the awareness of your raw emotions

(…) think of emotion as energy in motion

(…) the key data stream from the physiology level is the HRV (Heart Rate Variability), which alters brain function:

  • under pressure => HRV becomes chaotic
  • super chaos => shuts off frontal lobes
  • shutdown => DIY lobotomy (the “stupid” pils)

Key aspects of your breathing that you can regulate:

  1. Steady rhythm
  2. Smooth even breaths
  3. Through the centre of your chest
Breathe Rhythmically Evenly And Through the Heart Everyday

So it doesn’t really matter whether the heart rate is 50 or 120, what matters is am I on the left [coherent] or am I on the right [erratic].

High rate, high adrenaline emotions (120 bpm):

  • Coherent — Passion, Determination, Focus
  • Erratic — Anxiety, Anger, Frustration

Low rate, relaxation emotions (~50 bpm):

  • Coherent — Contentment, Curiosity, Equanimity
  • Erratic — Apathy, Boredom, Detachment, Indifference

(…) regulating your physiology will get you to the mid point [from erratic to coherent].

See also Dr. Alan Watkins’ book Coherence: The Secret Science of Brilliant Leadership