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(via Why It’s Important to Sketch Before You Wireframe – UX Movement ) Where by β€œCode” you should really read β€œPrototype”.

examples of a sketch, wireframe and mockup, side by side

UI/UX design artefacts

Compare and contrast different design artefacts (sketch, wireframe, mockup, and prototype) in terms of their fidelity, speed, cost and use cases.

πŸ”— Expressing UX Concepts Visually :: UXmatters

Expressing UX Concepts Visually :: UXmatters Words and Objects are not Enough Why Visuals are Important A More Visual Approach to Communicating UX Concepts (…) I hope using these ideas will help you to make your UX deliverables more visualβ€”and your concepts more readily understandable to your clients and stakeholders. I believe this greater understanding will help you to get buy-in for your concepts more quickly and easily.