🔗 azet/community_bash_style_guide

GitHub - azet/community_bash_style_guide: Community Bash Style Guide: writing useful and modern bash scripts, seriously. When to use bash and when to avoid bash it’s rather simple: does it need to glue userland utilities together? use bash. does it need to do complex tasks (e.g. database queries)? use something else. Why? … It consumes a lot of time and is often very difficult to debug in comparison to dynamic programming languages such as python, ruby or even perl....

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🔗 Rule of Silence definition

Rule of Silence definition by The Linux Information Project The rule of silence, also referred to as the silence is golden rule, is an important part of the Unix philosophy that states that when a program has nothing surprising, interesting or useful to say, it should say nothing. It means that well-behaved programs should treat their users’ attention and concentration as being valuable and thus perform their tasks as unobtrusively as possible....

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🏞 Evolution of Unix systems

“A diagram of the relationships between Unix systems” by Eraserhead1, Infinity0, Sav_vas (Wikipedia)

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✂️ Unix

Small information nuggets and recipies about Unix

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📋 Template for interactive bash scripts

My template for when I need to do bash scripts with both a “human” and a “machine” interface: Template for interactive bash scripts: supports command line options with values prompts for any missing parameters/arguments https://gist.github.com/hugocf/8147608 Update 2016-06-02: Moved to repo @hugocf/scripts

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📜 How many bugs and wasted CPU cycles and instances of human frustration

How many bugs and wasted CPU cycles and instances of human frustration (not to mention bad design) have resulted from that one small shortcut about 40 years ago? Keep that in mind next time you want to cut a corner in your code. Rob Pike (via A lesson in shortcuts. Long ago, as the design of the Unix… )

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🔗 explainshell.com – match command-line arguments to their help text

explainshell.com – match command-line arguments to their help text write down a command-line to see the help text that matches each argument

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