📋 “Méthode Naturelle” as the root of fitness by natural body movement

Georges Hébert (1875-1957) developed the " Méthode Naturelle " as a physical education system in the early 1900’s and to create apparatus and exercises to teach his “Natural Method”, composed of exercises belonging to the 10 fundamental groups: walking running jumping quadrupedal movement climbing equilibrium (balancing) throwing lifting defending swimming Raymond Belle (1939-1999) closely followed the teachings of Georges Hébert ’s “méthode naturelle”, learning how best to overcome obstacles fluidly in a natural environment, to become a renowned firefighter of extraordinary athleticism and ability, dedicating his life to physical well being:...

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(via H-SAMA blog: Paleo Diet Basics em português )

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🔗 Sabores Paleo

Sabores Paleo O Sabores Paleo é um sítio de partilha de receitas Paleo exclusivamente em Português. Este sítio tem um objectivo: disponibilizar uma plataforma para partilha de receitas Paleo, escritas exclusivamente em Português, qualquer que seja a sua variação (Europeu, Brasileiro, etc.). See also cozinha de caverna .

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