๐Ÿ”— High Scalability – Expandability: Steve Wozniak’s Biggest Success and Nolan Bushnell’s Biggest Regret

High Scalability โ€“ Expandability: Steve Wozniakโ€™s Biggest Success and Nolan Bushnellโ€™s Biggest Regret Lesson: Think Geek The lesson: when your grownup self compels you to be lean and create something minimally viable โ€“ think geek. It may not make your accountants happy, but your โ€œjust because it seems like a great thingโ€ idea might be exactly what you need to become more successful than you can possibly imagine.

๐Ÿ”— Interactive Application Architecture Patterns

Interactive Application Architecture Patterns The Model-View-Controller , Model-View-Presenter , and Presentation-Abstraction-Control patterns are similar in many ways, but have each evolved to address slightly different concerns. This article discusses each pattern along with its history and design motivations to encourage the correct understanding and application of these patterns.