🔗 Google Style Guides

Google Style Guides This project (google/styleguide) links to the style guidelines we use for Google code. AngularJS Style Guide Common Lisp Style Guide C++ Style Guide C# Style Guide Go Style Guide HTML/CSS Style Guide JavaScript Style Guide Java Style Guide Objective-C Style Guide Python Style Guide R Style Guide Shell Style Guide Swift Style Guide TypeScript Style Guide Vim script Style Guide

Scala Enumerations Summary

Comparison between different ways of doing enumerates, with scala.Enumeration, case object and Java’s Enum.


Small information nuggets and recipies about Java

🔗 Java 8 Tutorial

Java 8 Tutorial “Java is still not dead—and people are starting to figure that out.” Welcome to my introduction to Java 8 . (…) At the end of the article you’ll be familiar with the most recent API changes like streams, functional interfaces, map extensions and the new Date API. No walls of text – just a bunch of commented code snippets. Enjoy! Default Methods for Interfaces Lambda expressions Functional Interfaces Method and Constructor References Lambda Scopes Built-in Functional Interfaces Streams Parallel Streams Map Date API Annotations

📺 Transformation Priority Premise

Uncle Bob Martin walks through the “Prime Factors” kata in Java (29m06s) to illustrate the concept of Transformation Priority Premise as a way to address the common complaint about TDD: the brainlessness “As the tests get more specific, the code gets more generic.” … and “here’s the list of transformations” (47m53s): So what are these transformations? Perhaps we can make a list of them: ({}–>nil) no code at all->code that employs nil (nil->constant) (constant->constant+) a simple constant to a more complex constant (constant->scalar) replacing a constant with a variable or an argument (statement->statements) adding more unconditional statements....

📜 When I left Sun to go to NeXT, I thought Objective-C was the coolest

When I left Sun to go to NeXT, I thought Objective-C was the coolest thing since sliced bread, and I hated C++. So, naturally when I stayed to start the (eventually) Java project, Obj-C had a big influence. James Gosling, being much older than I was, he had lots of experience with SmallTalk and Simula68, which we also borrowed from liberally. Patrick Naughton (in Java Was Strongly Influenced by Objective-C )...