🔗 Using AirPods as a Hearing Aid

Tune the devices to your hearing needs and benefit from the enhancements of transparency mode… Garry Knight: “Using AirPods as a Hearing Aid…” - Toot.Cat The way you set them up is buried deep in the Settings, so it’s not surprising that not many people know about it. Here’s where you need to go. You need to have the AirPods connected to your iPhone or iPad. Settings Accessibility AirPods Audio Accessibility Settings Headphone Accommodations Custom Audio Setup Headphone Audio Customisation Here’s the list of devices it works with, and the news is good for anyone with any of these devices:...

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📋 Welcome to the age of [too much] information

Best comment I’ve read in a long, long time… It beautifully captures how I feel with the onslaught of contradictory advice we get from all over the web. Run. Don’t run. Walk. It’s better. Don’t walk in the mornings, there’s too much smog in the air. Walking in the evenings isn’t good for digestion and there must be at least a 3 hour gap between walking and bedtime. Play. But don’t play impact sports....

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🔗 StrongLifts 5×5: A Simple Workout To Get Stronger

StrongLifts 5×5: A Simple Workout To Get Stronger Stronglifts 5×5 uses five free weight compound exercises: the Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Overhead Press and Barbell Row. You do three of these exercises each workout, three times a week, for about 45 minutes per workout. You Squat every workout, three times a week. See also: Everything You Know About Fitness Is a Lie

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📜 As a doctor, I don’t have to convince someone that vaccines don’t

As a doctor, I don’t have to convince someone that vaccines don’t cause harm; I just have to convince them that not vaccinating does. Saul Hymes (via Give It Your Best Shot — The Magazine )

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(via ISTOÉ Independente – Medicina & Bem-estar )

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📺 Charles Moreland on Parkour

Charles Moreland puts the right note into Parkour and displaces common myths about it.

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📋 “Méthode Naturelle” as the root of fitness by natural body movement

Georges Hébert (1875-1957) developed the " Méthode Naturelle " as a physical education system in the early 1900’s and to create apparatus and exercises to teach his “Natural Method”, composed of exercises belonging to the 10 fundamental groups: walking running jumping quadrupedal movement climbing equilibrium (balancing) throwing lifting defending swimming Raymond Belle (1939-1999) closely followed the teachings of Georges Hébert ’s “méthode naturelle”, learning how best to overcome obstacles fluidly in a natural environment, to become a renowned firefighter of extraordinary athleticism and ability, dedicating his life to physical well being:...

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📜 Être fort pour être utile

Être fort pour être utile ( Being strong to be useful ) Georges Hébert

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📜 O nosso corpo fala connosco. Se não ouves, ele GRITA!

O nosso corpo fala connosco. Se não ouves, ele GRITA! Ângela Coelho

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Dan Buettner: How to live to be 100+ (YouTube video) Add years to your life, and life to your years

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Swine flu

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📺 Kary Mullis’ next-gen cure for killer infections

Kary Mullis’ next-gen cure for killer infections | Video on TED.com Drug-resistant bacteria kills, even in top hospitals. But now tough infections like staph and anthrax may be in for a surprise. Nobel-winning chemist Kary Mullis, who watched a friend die when powerful antibiotics failed, unveils a radical new cure that shows extraordinary promise. ( Source: http://video.ted.com/ )

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