πŸ“œ It’s a great day to make a mistake

It’s a great day to make a mistake. Jennifer Gresham (via The perfectionism cure – Everyday Bright )

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… there are three methods of Customer Validation that increase in the cost of execution. None of them involve writing code, which is even more expensive to execute. 1. Exploration Method The goal of exploration is to collect a lot of data on potential problem sets within a given industry or customer type, and to collect detailed stories on customer behavior. 2. Pitch Method The Pitch method is about getting customers to give you a form of currency ....

πŸ”— The Affinity Diagram (KJ Analysis)

The Affinity Diagram (KJ Analysis) Affinity diagram – Wikipedia : The tool is commonly used within project management and allows large numbers of ideas stemming from brainstorming to be sorted into groups, based on their natural relationships, for review and analysis.