🔗 Travelling to work ‘is work’

Travelling to work ‘is work’, European court rules - BBC News (Sep. 2015) Time spent travelling to and from first and last appointments by workers without a fixed office should be regarded as working time, the European Court of Justice has ruled. “Employers may have to organise work schedules to ensure workers’ first and last appointments are close to their homes,” he added. [BBC legal correspondent Clive Coleman]

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🔗 Shields Down – Rands in Repose

Shields Down – Rands in Repose Your shields drop the moment you let a glimpse of a potential different future into your mind. It seems like a unconsidered off-the-cuff thought sans consequence, but the thought opens you to possibilities that did not exist the moment before the thought existed. Every moment as a leader is an opportunity to either strengthen or weaken shields. Every single moment. Update 2024-03-27: There are also t-shirts and logos about it....

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📺 Thomas Sowell on Feminism and Racialism

If we want to see women pay more equal to men, what we need to do is convince more women to go into areas such as the sciences, and the mathematics and engineering, and we need to convince men to take more responsibility for children in the house. When those begin to even out, we’ll see wages begin to even out as well. See also Thomas Sowell address these exact same concerns back in the 70s

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📺 Miguel – Prós e Contras

http://vimeo.com/28191450 Miguel – Prós e Contras (20-06-2011) “cv” não quer dizer “curriculum vitae”, quer dizer “canal de vendas”. ( Source: http://vimeo.com/ )

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The Great Prosperity vs The Great Regression (via Opinion – NYTimes.com )

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