📺 A plan is not a strategy

A Plan Is Not a Strategy - YouTube Strategic ≠ Planning What most “strategic planning” is in the world of business has nothing to do with strategy. It’s got the word, but it’s not. It’s a set of activities that the company says it‘s going to do. … but the results of all of those are not going to make the company happy, because they didn’t have a strategy. What’s a strategy?...

February 20, 2024 · 2 min · 366 words

🔗 The philosophy of great customer service | Derek Sivers

The philosophy of great customer service | Derek Sivers (Actually, I prefer the term “client care”, since “client” implies a relationship, instead of “customer”, which is transactional. But I’ll use the normal term instead of confusing things by using mine.) You can afford to be generous The customer is more important than the company Customer service is a profit center Every interaction is your moment to shine Lose every fight Rebelliously right the wrongs of the world

June 29, 2014 · 1 min · 77 words