cubism painting about a person with red eyes, working with their laptop in hell, looking upset

Working from Home Hell

After 15 days of confinement due to COVID-19, with 2 adults working and 3 children attending school remotely, “WFH” is standing more closely to “Working from Hell” than “Working from Home”. 😱

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📺 Thomas Sowell on Feminism and Racialism

If we want to see women pay more equal to men, what we need to do is convince more women to go into areas such as the sciences, and the mathematics and engineering, and we need to convince men to take more responsibility for children in the house. When those begin to even out, we’ll see wages begin to even out as well. See also Thomas Sowell address these exact same concerns back in the 70s

📜 Apenas na adolescência a criança apresentará a anatomia do pênis de um

Apenas na adolescência a criança apresentará a anatomia do pênis de um adulto, com a glande completamente exposta. É só acompanhar e deixar a natureza agir, se a criança tiver um bom jato urinário e não apresentar histórico de infecções. Clécio Piçarro (via Cirurgião fala sobre fimose na infância ) See also: The Phony Phimosis Diagnosis \ Normal development of the prepuce: Birth through age 18

💬 En-ga-nei-te, batatas com azeite!

A: En-ga-nei-te, batatas com azeite! B: Não faz mal, na próxima faço igual… A: Então faz, a ver se és capaz… B: Vou fazer, e tu não vais saber!

🏞 Circle of security

Circle of Security (source) Always: be Bigger, Stronger, Wiser, Kind Whenever possible: Follow your child’s need. Whenever necessary: Take charge.