๐Ÿ”— Seth’s Blog: More trouble than it’s worth

Sethโ€™s Blog: More trouble than itโ€™s worth In five words, thatโ€™s one secret to delight. When you do the work that others canโ€™t possibly imagine doing, you set yourself apart. Seeking out the things that are more trouble than most people think theyโ€™re worth is a powerful place to be. The hard part, of course, is actually doing something that appears to be far more trouble than itโ€™s worth.

๐Ÿ”— Mind-boggling XKCD April Fools comic : comics

Mind-boggling XKCD April Fools comic : comics If you go visit xkcd it may appear to be just a normal, though perhaps surprisingly relevant comic. But in fact, thereโ€™s a massive set of comics that appears based on your location, browser, and other unknown variables.