Remembering the strange case of the Cookie Pizza Monster” that every Technology Meetup organiser in Lisbon became very familiar with during the years around ~2019.

A few nuggets of the outrageous situations surrounding these events, where normal social conventions went out the window:

  • 🥇 He was always one of the first to sign up right after a particular Meetup event was open
    • 🤨 Strong suspicion of an automated process going on
  • 🍕 Any Meetups that offered complimentary food (usually pizza) were especially targeted
    • 🤤 Once at the Meetup, he’d ignore all the talks and dash for the pizzas
    • 🥪 The modus operandi was often to fold half of a pizza a couple of times, and process to eat it like a sandwich
    • 🔁 Rinse and repeat until full or no more pizzas
  • 🛍️ At one occasion he even brought refrigerator plastic bags to start filling with the available finger food
    • 😤 When called out by the organiser he reluctantly stopped but was quite upset and rude
  • 🥷 In another occasion, was caught wandering the private office areas of the company hosting the event
    • 🪧 This despite clear signage indicating the event auditorium

Although difficult situations to deal with at the time, it became an interesting inner-circle joke amongst Meetup organisers in Lisbon.