What I’m doing now…

In a word: “regrouping”

  • After years of working remotely (from home or coworking spaces), now adjusting to the life of office work, with all the “perks” 😁 of long commutes: a heavy toll on your day, and at the same time, a regular slot for calmly reading a book. 📖
  • Cubing is a new hobby that sneaked up on me: 3 months after starting in a new client with several Rubik’s laying around on the desks, I found myself going from “hmmm, I wonder if I can still remember how to do this” to curiously studing new methods and algorithms to optimise the times of each solve! Surprisingly fun 😉
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu hit a low over the last few monts due to lack of training consistency, change in work schedules, and light injuries… Looking to pick it back up on a regular basis. 🤞

Last Update: 30th June, 2019

(via The /now page movement | Derek Sivers)