See what i’m currently doing now.

Over the years I’ve worked with many different technologies, languages, and tools, in several different companies…

A quick infographic is worth a thousand words 😉

Career timeline summary
Career timeline summary @

In short, I’m a…

  • Pragmatic software engineer
  • Relaxed perfectionist
  • Treble dad, with twins in the mix
  • Recovering tv addict

Unfortunately, hobbies tend to not survive a house full of kids 🙂

  • Amateur guitar player
  • Ludic water polo player
  • Occasional snowboarder

For the traditional more formal bio written in the 3rd person…

Hugo Ferreira is a software engineer with over 20 years of Information Technology practice and wide international experience in the European market, currently working at Equal Experts in product development, jumping back and forth between Scala and Kubernetes.

A generalist at heart, has worked in the past in several roles ranging from technical architect to senior developer and startup founder, on a multitude of development projects with responsibilities going from those more business oriented (e.g. pre-sales, project management, team lead, requirements analysis, documentation) to more technical ones (e.g. R&D, prototyping, development).