2023  9

July  1

Navigating people: The antisocial guide to survive social gatherings

June  2

Speaking or communicating? Easily recall how to give good feedback

“The Business” considered harmful

May  2

Mental model for Booleans vs Enumerates

Pairing Reviews: Bridging the gap between pair programming and code reviews

April  4

Context is everything, even when you don’t see it

Slack Overload? Regain control with Inbox Zero principles

Hearing or listening? Unlock the value of receiving feedback

From Chaos to Strategy: Embracing Firefighting at Work

2020  1

March  1

Working from Home Hell

2017  1

May  1

Scala Enumerations Summary

2016  1

August  1

Incêndio no Andanças: Os Números das Seguradoras

2014  1

March  1

UI/UX design artefacts

2010  1

January  1

Vodafone “Update” app for iPhone

January 4, 2010 3 min