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UX Crash Course: 31 Fundamentals

UX Crash Course: 31 Fundamentals thehipperelement: My New Year’s Resolution for 2014 was to get more people started in User Experience (UX) …

→ 2013-12-12

Replacing The User Story With The Job Story We frame every design problem in a Job, focusing on the triggering event or …

→ 2013-12-11

misslillybrowne: That Squiggle of the Design Process The Process of Design from a great height. by Damien Newman

→ 2013-11-22

The User is Drunk (by squareweave) Blurry vision Attention-poor (Guide them) Say it twice Emotional (Do over the shoulder testing) Drunk, not … captures fleeting transitions between app screens and delightful animated UI elements that we’ll otherwise lose forever as apps and operating …

→ 2013-08-27

Why hollow icons are more work for your users and ultimately create cognitive fatigue. (via Hollow Icons — Design/UX — Medium)

Progressive Reduction

layervault: I’m very excited to talk about a technique that we’ve started using at LayerVault. We call it Progressive Reduction. (…) How …