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→ 2014-03-27

(via Why It’s Important to Sketch Before You Wireframe – UX Movement) Where by “Code” you should really read “Prototype”.

→ 2014-03-27

(via What’s wrong with this picture? | Computer science is a top paying college degree and computer programming jobs are growing …

→ 2014-03-26

uxdtoday: “When you don’t consider UX/UI in design: These pencils were withdrawn from US schools” – @raju

→ 2014-03-26

sketchplanations: Mobile is snorkelling. Desktop is diving. Metaphors for interface design from Rachel Hinman via Mobile First.

→ 2014-03-23

fundersandfounders: Too Late To Start? quarter-life crisis and mid-life crisis

→ 2014-03-16

At Realmac we went this route with Ember, but we built in a slight twist. We try and guide the customer so …

→ 2014-03-07

Spritz: First, your eyes do not have to move from word to word or around the page that you’re reading. In fact, …

→ 2014-03-01

The number of patterns available to communicate information between objects can be overwhelming at first. The choice of which pattern to use …