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→ 2014-07-28

“UI design starts with words.” (via How Do You Design Interaction? | Smashing Magazine)

→ 2014-07-25

Knowing how to not give a shit doesn’t mean you never give a shit about anything. It just means that when you …

→ 2014-06-15

(via The Apollo Planner – The Planner) Introducing the Apollo Planner, a beautifully simple daily planner that delivers powerful productivity and real …

→ 2014-06-07

(via Presentation Zen: Living large: “Takahashi Method” uses king-sized text as a visual) Takahashi uses only text in his slides. But not …

→ 2014-06-07

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. — Dr. Seuss

→ 2014-04-27

(via Creative Commons traffic light | I spy with my little eye)

→ 2014-03-28

(via Five Reasons to use Debian as a Server) What to choose for a low maintenance, secure and reliable server-side Linux distro: …