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Mobile App Lifecycle

(…) diagram image for understand [a mobile app] Life Cycle (iPhone / Android) — RDC (via What is the Life Cycle of an iPhone application? …

→ 2014-03-26

sketchplanations: Mobile is snorkelling. Desktop is diving. Metaphors for interface design from Rachel Hinman via Mobile First.

→ 2014-03-01

The number of patterns available to communicate information between objects can be overwhelming at first. The choice of which pattern to use …

Starter’s Guide to iOS Design

Starter’s Guide to iOS Design In this guide I’ll describe the deliverables you’ll be expected to produce, outline the constraints of the …

The future of sustainable app development is to give away as much value as possible and empower those who receive more value to pay more for it.

→ 2014-01-22

→ 2014-01-10

The ultimate analytics platform. Send your data to any service with the flick of a switch. (via – The ultimate analytics …