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→ 2014-01-29

Very interesting round up of all the simple math needed to run a services business selling “hours”. (via My New Startup is …

→ 2013-12-10

The Universal Scalability Law (USL) (via How to Quantify Scalability)

→ 2013-12-03

Ruby Conf 12 – Y Not: Adventures in Functional Programming by Jim Weirich (by Confreaks) One of the deepest mysteries in the …

→ 2013-06-07

Brad Ellis – Çingleton 2012 (by Çingleton) Team self-assessment skills… quite complementary, no? 🙂 (Source:

How Not To Run An A/B Test

How Not To Run An A/B Test If instead of deciding ahead of time, “this experiment will collect exactly 1,000 observations,” you …