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Como voçê quer o seu projecto? Rápido & Grátis → Lixo Rápido & Barato → Mal feito Rápido & Qualidade → Bem pago …

→ 2013-12-23

Project hubs can help tame the chaos of the design process by providing a home base for all key design and development …

New company structures…

From a Facebook post (original em português): New company structures? Experiences to follow with interest: How Medium Is Building a New Kind of Company …

Pulling a few weeds every time is good for maintenance, but it doesn’t make sense to spread fertilizer one square foot each day.

Little-and-often and do-till-one are two different tools. (…) most projects need a mix of tools.

→ 2013-05-08

90% of the decisions you make don’t matter; real success comes in being able to identify the 10% that do and focus on those.

→ 2013-03-03

→ 2012-03-16

(via A VC: The Management Team – Guest Post From Joel Spolsky)

The Affinity Diagram (KJ Analysis)

The Affinity Diagram (KJ Analysis) Affinity diagram – Wikipedia: The tool is commonly used within project management and allows large numbers of …