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Codrops Tutorials In this section you will find in-depth how-tos involving common web development and web design techniques. Playground In this category …

→ 2014-03-05

How to craft your Elevator Pitch: So, what do you do? [WOW] What do you mean?!? [HOW] [NOW], for example… Verbal Ping …

Being organized is the first and most important part of cooking (…) it’s all about setting yourself up to succeed.

→ 2014-01-10

→ 2013-12-14

One-Moment Meditation: “How to Meditate in a Moment” (by Martin Boroson) See also Meditation: 10 Tips on How to Do It and 5 …

→ 2013-11-12

(via The 5 Rules of Storytelling Every Teacher Should Know about ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning)

→ 2013-11-12

All good stories (…) should give you a promise. [to be fulfilled] Make the audience put things together. Don’t give them four, …

All well-drawn characters have a spine. And the idea is that the character has an inner motor, a dominant, unconscious goal that they’re striving for, an itch that they can’t scratch.

→ 2013-11-12

Starters Guide to iOS Design

Starters Guide to iOS Design (…) I find that many designers struggle with the transition to UI work, or with the different …