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→ 2014-03-23

fundersandfounders: Too Late To Start? quarter-life crisis and mid-life crisis

The default state of any new idea is failure. It’s the execution–the fight against inertia–that matters.

It’s so easy to get stuck in the waiting place, putting things off until later, even when those things are vitally important to making your dreams come true. But the truth is that, in order to make progress, you need to physically and mentally fight against the momentum of ordinary events.

This is, of course, mentally and physically taxing. My own conscious focus on the fight very slowly faded until, after just a couple of months, it was gone. I had once again become a cog in the insidious machine called quo.

Doing something remarkable with your life is tough work, and it helps to remember one simple, motivating fact: in a blink, you could be gone. (…) You really have nothing to lose.

→ 2014-01-26

Redeye VC: The Penny Gap

Redeye VC: The Penny Gap … my primary point was to state that many people (mistakenly) believe that getting a consumer to …

→ 2012-07-08

nateweiner: “The entrepreneur’s dilemma: Maintaining friendships. Building a great company. Spending time w/family. Staying fit. Getting sleep. Pick 3.” @RandiZuckerberg 3 seems …

→ 2012-06-15

(…) 3 different types of products out there: In the first case, we have something like purchasing food. Immediately that hamburger has …