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for each desired change, make the change easy (warning: this may be hard), then make the easy change.

→ 2014-07-03

inessential: Error Messages

There is, however, old wisdom — perhaps from an earlier version of the Mac HIG — that says how to create error …

Java 8 Tutorial

Java 8 Tutorial “Java is still not dead—and people are starting to figure that out.” Welcome to my introduction to Java 8. …

Learn to Code

Online interactive resources to learn programming: Learn | — Beginners (concepts), HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python,  Codecademy — HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, Ruby Learn …

→ 2014-01-13

Bret Victor – Inventing on Principle (by CUSEC) Their principles Elizabeth Cady Stanton — “Women should vote” Larry Tesler — “No person should be …

Creators need an immediate connection with what they’re making

→ 2014-01-08