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→ 2014-06-02

Life’s barely long enough to get good at one thing… so be careful what you get good at. — Rust Cohle (True …

→ 2013-11-18

If you want to choose your lifestyle, you cannot be picky about what careers you want to pursue.  If you want to …

→ 2013-07-31

we-are-star-stuff: If you’re interested in an IT degree and career, coding can be pretty intimidating. From understanding common programming languages to deciphering …

→ 2013-02-13

Cal Newport speaks at World Domination Summit 2012 (by Chris Guillebeau) At minute 30:41 If something is interesting to you, and if …

#1 Are you proud of the choices you are making at home?
#2 Are you proud of the choices you are making at work?

→ 2012-12-20

Instead of asking, “How much do I value this item?” we should ask “If I did not own this item, how much would I pay to obtain it?”

→ 2012-12-20

Eliminate an old activity before you add a new one.

This simple rule ensures that you don’t add an activity that is less valuable than something you are already doing.

→ 2012-12-20

→ 2012-12-20

The slightly painful truth is, at any one time there is only one piece of real estate we can “own” in another …